Introducing Marquette Tech District

The Marquette Tech District is the next big step in making downtown Cape Girardeau a great place to live, work, and play. This major historic renovation development project is anticipated to result in significant economic impact from the establishment of a technology district that will bring 200-300 talented, enterprising professionals and many more guests to live, work, and play, in downtown Cape Girardeau.

The epicenter of the Marquette Tech District is the iconic Marquette Tower. Anchored by an expansion of Codefi, the historic building will be renovated into tech-powered, modern office spaces for technology-based and innovative companies, and organizations that support them. The building is being wired with gigabit internet powered by a new fiber optic network that delivers the fastest speeds in the world to the new tech district.

The network will also be extended to the Riverfront to provide free high-speed public wi-fi and very affordable fiber connections to businesses in the downtown area. Downtown Cape Connect will allow small businesses and their patrons full access to the digital economy.

And when our tech companies invite their customers, partners, and talent to visit, they’ll enjoy a new Marriott Courtyard hotel in the historic Himmelberger-Harrison (H&H) building — bringing a hotel downtown for the first time in over 55 years.

For More Information:
(573) 575.TECH